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Art as literacy

A local (Hong Kong) young painter-artist who also teaches drawing to children with and without disability labels told me recently that he would like to exhibit and share his students’ works on his facebook. He would write a small profile, with names withheld or by using nicknames, on the the paths they came across in picking the skills of drawing: their disabilities/ difficulties, the struggles, the way how they overcame the hurdles and at the end came to master some drawing skills and produced very good works.

This young artist is a lovely, well-meaning young gentleman. He has a good heart.  He is not an art therapist, but he somehow believes in the power of art/ drawing in improving and facilitating the proper functioning of children with different physical, behavioural or psychological difficulites.  That's why he has been keen to offer courses to teach children with disability labels (autism, ADHD, etc.) in the hope of helping them to better express and control themselves.

I adm…