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Plenty of talk about rule of law but do we truly care?

In early February, the University of Hong Kong's law faculty and the Institute of Education co-organised a symposium on core values, human rights and the rule of law education.

Last year, a steering committee comprising academics, practitioners and non-governmental organisation workers came together for a project on the rule of law education (ROLE).

Role is non-professional legal education for laymen aimed at cultivating legal awareness among the public. It is believed that fostering legal literacy among people will help sustain the rule of law.

Why do academics and practitioners think there is a pressing need to work more seriously on Role at the school and community levels?

The rule of law is an ideal that public life be organised based on principles, rules and law. Public officials' role, authority and the exercise of power should be based on law, and checked and balanced so that arbitrariness can be minimised.

The core idea is to restrain power and to provide a principled basis…