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Rights of the disabled are not an option

It is erroneous to divide people based on whether they have made economic contributions. It is equally wrong to conceive persons with disabilities as non-productive, and even more wrong to see them as a group asking only for favours or welfare.

If a society is to treasure freedom and openness, all its members should be respected as equals. Participation and resource distribution should be based on equality and justice, not status and favouritism.

It is true that the law sometimes defines a person's "worth" in terms of productivity or capacity. For example, in employment compensation, the person's working or earning capacity may be assessed for the purpose of compensation.

The laws may not be intended as such, but these assessments can cause social exclusion. 
A sociologist may tell you that assuming a “sick role” could mean falling into a category that is not always socially favourable. In it, a person may easily be seen as a faulty person, incomplete, undesirable or pro…